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Our Business

Accommodation Booking Business

We support our customers’ trip to onsen (hot spring) as an “Onsen Concierge”, starting from facility selection to booking. Yuko Yuko delivers latest, “best in season” information of the onsen site and accommodation facilities through its website and catalogs. Our information is screened by onsen trip professionals, so you will be able to smoothly choose the best facility with excitement. Accommodation booking is accepted through our website and contact centers, whichever suits your needs.

Onsen Media Business
We are the concierge for all onsen trip

Yuko Yuko has been hand-in-hand with onsen facilties and ryokans across the country for a long time, and possesses abundant information to support your high-quality onsen trip. Through our onsen travel media, “YUKOTABI”, more people will be able to find out the passion of the facility owners, ambience of the onsen sites, quality of onsen waters, and the seasonal aspects of the local areas, “YUKOTABI” delivers articles edited by the onsen concierges so travellers will be able to enjoy their trips to their full extent. We strive to be a website to deliver the hidden charms of the onsen and the area as your new onsen travel guidebook.

Advertisement Business

We will provide the best proposal to match Yuko Yuko members and the firm’s product / services. By leveraging our media capacity through “Yuko Yuko”, an accommodation facility catalog issued six times a year with average circulation per issue of over 1.4 million copies, and assets of our partnering accommodation facilities, we are able to fully support a three-dimensional promotion activity. Yuko Yuko members mainly consist of active, frequent travellers in their 50s. You will be able to access a demographic category with high consumer appetite.

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