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Features of Yuko Yuko members

Features of Yuko Yuko members

Yuko Yuko members are in the “mature / senior” generation in the middle of consumption in Japan.

Almost 40% of 60 years old or older men and women are actively considering having “trips” in the future.

Source: Cabinet Office “Results of the Survey on Senior Citizens’ Attitude toward Everyday Life for FY 2014”
*Only the top 7 items specified.

The senior layer with the people of 60 years old or older occupies approx. 50% of the entire consumption, and therefore their impact on the consumption is tremendous.

Source: Cabinet Office “Japanese Economy for FY 2015-2016 -to Realize the Potential of Japanese Economy-“

Data on Yuko Yuko Members
Mainly 50 years old or older, willing to buy more

Age Composition Gender Ratio Amount spent on mail-order shopping (in the past year)

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