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Corporate history

January 2000 Established Intermedia System Corporation (current Yuko Yuko)
September 2000 Started placing 15-line advertisements for hotels on national newspapers
September 2001 Issued specially-selected accommodation plans with hotels all over Japan (catalog DM)
June 2002 Issued the first “Oyado Joho-shi” (accommodation information magazine - current “Yuko Yuko”)
Started accepting the Communication Dial
November 2003 Relocated the headquarters (Kiba)
February 2004 Opened the Kiba Contact Center
March 2004 Started online bookings (current “Yuko Yuko Net”)
June 2006 Changed the corporation name into Yuko Yuko Holdings
November 2006 Integrated managements with Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd.
May 2009 Relocated the headquarters (Gran Tokyo South Tower)
April 2011 Opened the Sapporo Contact Center
May 2011 Relocated the headquarters (Ginza Namikidori Building)
December 2011 Relocated the Kiba Contact Center (Tokyo Parkside Building)
May 2012 The 10th anniversary of the magazine “Yuko Yuko”
August 2016 Shareholders were transferred to Yuko Yuko Holdings Inc.

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