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Privacy Policy

Yuko Yuko Holdings (hereinafter referred as “we”) will keep seeking for customer satisfaction by offering information about “accommodation”, “play”, “eat”, etc., with our corporate philosophy “Add fun to daily life of adults”. Fully recognizing the responsibilities of obtaining a large volume of personal information and to utilize them through each media, we promise to constantly pay close attention to the privacy and personal information of our customers.

We have been granted the “privacy mark” by JIPDEC (Japan Information Processing Development Corporation) as a company appropriately handling personal information.

Privacy Policy

1. About obtaining, utilizing, and providing personal information
Yuko Yuko Holdings (hereafter referred as “we”) always clarify the purpose of use when obtaining personal information directly or indirectly. We also only utilize and/or provide such personal information within the scope of the purpose of use.

2. About safety measures
We pay close attention to the safety measures of personal information. We make efforts to protect and correct illegal access, loss, destruction, tampering, or leakage of personal information by assigning a manager to protect personal information.

3. Compliance with laws and regulations
We comply with laws, regulations, and office regulations with regard to the protection of personal information.

4. Continuous improvement of the management system to protect personal information
We make our officers and employees recognize the importance of the protection of personal information, develop and carry out a management system to protect personal information, and maintain and continuously improve such a system.

5. Complaints and consultation concerning the protection of personal information
We provide an assistance service for complaints and consultations concerning the protection of personal information and to offer appropriate correspondences.

Established on: September 1, 2004
Modified on: February 1, 2012

Yuko Yuko Holdings
Chief executive officer (CEO) Naoki Iketeru

Privacy Policy

Obtain personal information
We obtain customer information within the range of achieving purpose of use.

How to obtain personal information
We obtain customers’ personal information only through legal and fair means.

Type of information to be obtained
Also, we archive (record) and manage phone calls to confirm the contents of the phone calls.

In the case where we cannot obtain personal information
The items to be provided as personal information are generally “mandatory items”. Customers might not be able to receive the various services that are for their purpose of use if they do not provide such information.

Purpose of use of personal information
  1. Accommodation bookings and transportation bookings that accompany such accommodation bookings
  2. Send the information magazine about hot springs and trips, and information useful for life
  3. Confirm bookings and inquiries
  4. Develop better plans, products, and/or services, and inform them to the members, etc.
  5. Give information to the customers who asked for more information about the companies posting advertisements on our media.
  6. Give information according to the customers’ preferences shown by their requests, bookings, purchase history information, etc.
  7. Accept applications for promotion, etc., inform prize winners, accept bookings for various consultation meetings, and dispatch presents
  8. Ask for opinions and comments
  9. Ask for assistance by questionnaires by telephone, fax, and/or mail
  10. Inquires to the customers concerning their personal information
  11. Create market research data in a form that keeps individuals anonymous
  12. For the purpose of completing our contracted business

we utilize personal information offered by employees and applicants of employment, within the necessary range for our personal management business, such as to identify the person or contact with the person.

Provision and consignment of personal information
We provide our customers’ 1) names, 2) addresses, 3) telephone and fax numbers, 4) email addresses, 5) dates of birth, etc. to accommodation facilities, transportation organizations, insurance companies, etc. that have contracts on the protection of personal information with us, within the range necessary for the customers’ booking and arrangement procedures. We will not provide customers’ personal information to any third party without the customers’ consents, except when it is requested based on laws, or when it is necessary to protect their lives, bodies, or properties but difficult to obtain the customers’ agreement, or when we have to cooperate with organizations of the state such as the law enforcement agencies and others, to complete their administrative works based on the law but asking the customers for their agreement may create problems in completing such administrative works.
However, we may entrust personal information provided by our customers to other business persons for the purpose of outsourcing, when such business persons are approved to meet our standard.

Method of provision
To provide personal information provided by our customers to our partners and others, we send by communication means such as fax and email.

Rights of customers, etc.
Our customers have rights to request to disclose their own personal information subject to disclosure, inform the purpose of use, modify, add, and/or delete the contents, discontinue to utilize such information, delete, or discontinue to offer such information to any third party (hereinafter referred as “disclosure, etc.”). However, some services may no longer be available depending on the details of the request.However, please understand in advance that some services may no longer be available depending on the contents of your request. To request disclosure, etc., please see the webpage as below, or call our communication dial to be guided through the necessary procedures.

“Information for the customers who request to disclose personal information, etc.”

Person in charge of complaints / consultation with regard to personal information management
The person who manages personal information for our corporation is as follows;

Corporation name: Yuko Yuko Holdings
The person in charge of corporate-wide information management: Director of Affairs and Personal Department
Contact: Please call “Yuko Yuko” Communication Dial as follows;
0120-715-835 【Hours of Operation】 Monday - Friday (except Saturday, Sunday, and National Holidays) 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

About accredited personal information protection organization
In the case where you cannot solve complaints against us with regard to personal information, you can apply for assistance to solve such conflicts to the association as follows;

Japan Information Processing and Development Center (JIPDEC)
Personal Information Protection Consultation Service Office
Roppongi First Bldg., 1-9-9, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0032
Tel: +81-(0)3-5860-7565 / 0121-700-779

Established on: September 1, 2004
Modified on: January 1, 2016

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